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Technical Information



To achieve the desired ambient temperature of 21o in your room, you require 1kW per 14 cubic metres of space.

Therefore to calculate the optimum kW output you require of your stove multiply the room’s length x height x width and then divide the total by 14.

Air Vents

HETAS and Building Regulations state the requirement that all stoves above 5kW have a permanently open source of air from outside, i.e. An air vent.  This regulation is also applied to all stoves fitted to properties built from 2008 onwards. Our installer will advise further on completion of a site survey.

Carbon Monoxide Detectors

It is a legal requirement to fit a carbon monoxide detector, with alarm, with every solid fuel heating appliance.

Solid Fuel: Wood or Coal?

Wood burners are recommended if you intend to burn only wood in your stove.  These stoves offer a larger fire box, a solid flat base to build and ash base for the better burning of wood and an air inlet from above for combustion.

Multi-fuel stoves are recommended if you wish to predominantly burn coal or a mixture of coal and wood.  Coal requires a grate for more efficient and effective heat output, an ash pan beneath the grate to collect cinders and air inlet from below to aid combustion.


The HETAS body sets guidelines to ensure that installations are carried out competently and to the standards required for the safe running of your stove.  All installations should be performed by a registered engineer who has completed the relevant HETAS training and can show you their valid registration certificate or card.  In order to remain up to date with the regulations and maintain their registered installer status, an engineer must retrain every 5 years.